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Hammam Shows: the tradition

As a purifying and fantastic place, the hammam is an integral part of any medina. Hammams of Medina Mediterranea, relaxation and détente combine there the pleasure of feast and discovery of rituals and oriental traditions through the charming shows.

As soon as you step in, a sweet smell envelops you, steam caresses your skin, and a sublime music carries you, the beauty of places charms you and delicious tea with mint enchants your palate.
One moment of enchantment between cares and rests in an enjoyment of the senses and the soul.
Luxury, quietness and pleasure.

Hammams of Medina Mediterranea, one for men and another for women, are completely tiled with marble and are distinguished for their carefully conceived planning for comfort and intimacy. The architecture and the Oriental decoration are imbued with magnificent arches, of columns and superb ceramic of Nabeul.

A big room for relaxation serves as a hall and cloakroom; it arranges braids with comfortable mattresses, where you will take a rest, rocked by a soft music. To quench your thirst, a barroom offers all kinds of juices, drinks and infusions. There, the dancers and comedians take you out of time and space, in a fairy world. Fascinated by the grace of dances men and women, with their flamboyant dresses, live the exoticism of Oriental show illustrating legends and secular rites.

The interior rooms bathing in steam exhale a smell of plant with lots of virtues. They are endowed with big doukannas on which you will lie and let yourself enjoy a massage with the hands of a tayeb or a harza.
The individual showers, mathara, are proposed to wash and rinse while benefiting the desired intimacy. Points of water are arranged here and there.
In the pure tradition of the natural products such as the clay "tfal", "henna", "souek", khol, hargous will be put at your disposition and a hanana will provide you with her cares and her know-how.

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