For the whole family

Welcome to CarthageLand, the Family Amusement Park par excellence where leisure & entertainment are at your disposal with highly qualified staff guarantee high levels of service and care for unforgettable time, full of joy and fantastic moments.

The country which satisfy all your desires and fulfill all your wishes!
The Punic War
Operate skillfully the bumper cars shaped like triremes. Like a Carthaginian hero, you lead the decisive battle against enemy ships.
The Conquerors of the Mediterranean:Let’s go for a breathtaking experience! On board a ship propelled in a wild stream, fun curves, and dizzying falls, across 355 meters filled with refreshing sensations. You will get wet on this giant slide with 6 and 13 meters-drops.
The Hannon Trail
Embark aboard this majestic Carthaginian boat and take your seat for an unrestrained ride on the waves of a raging river, 2km long. In family or with friends, operate and control this boat and try to arrive safely.
The March of Hannibal :
Flyover Carthageland on the back of elephants of the most formidable General in the history of Carthage who knew how to make them cross the Alps already more than 2000 years ago.
The Dragon
A relaxing and refreshing walk aboard, small embarkation to divert young and old.
Relive the charm of the old rides, carousels nostalgia of yesteryear! Landmark because part of childhood memories of everyone, children, families and friends will enjoy the horse riding in our beautiful carousel.
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