“Medina mediterranea” is first and foremost the realization of a dream. The one where the ancient Arab City has been found and has been rekindled. A construction period of ten years, decorators and technicians in large numbers, not less than a thousand masons at work, all of this was necessary for this idea to take shape and for this to become reality. The city has risen in its medieval contours with its multiple references to the past and its modern prowess. Tribute to the Tunisian cultural inheritance with all of its beauty and to a Mediterranean mother of civilizations, the discovery of cultures and religions, proof of a future, and final for a new tourism. To the nostalgic of our Mediterranean past, to the lovers of the art and creation, to the adults who have remained children at heart, the promoter dedicated the famous "Médina mediterranea".

Surrounded by authentic medieval ramparts, “Medina Mediterranea” is an exceptional place with its cultural and tourist aspect. Medina will make you travel in the glorious past, will take you over the ancestral traces and make you live to the rhythm of the ancient legends.

This new "Medina" is punctuated with buildings that recall all the medina in what they have preserved most beautiful and most characteristic, in Tunisia and elsewhere: Kairouan, Tunis, Sousse, Sfax, Mahdia, Marrakech, Cordoba, Seville, Palermo, Aleppo. It also refers to some highlights of Tunisian tourism such as coffee mats or coffee Sidi Bou Said. Our "Medina" thus brings together in an eclectic spirit, the masterpieces of the great Mediterranean medinas. A medina made of places of memory that unfold in the eyes of the traveler all the beauty of the Hispano-Moorish art and oriental art at the same time.

Monuments of the Medina Mediterranea

Skifa kahla Skifa kahla
Barbary Horses Barbary Horses
Bab Diwen Bab Diwen
Red Dome Red Dome
Remparts in rouine Remparts in rouine
Tour d’or Tour d’or
Blue tower Blue tower
The souk The souk
Coffee mats Coffee mats
Coffee Om kalthoum Coffee Om kalthoum
Coffee Safsaf Coffee Safsaf
Errahba Errahba
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