Welcome to the spectacle of the most beautiful legend of the brother Barbarossa! On boat course along a stream recalling the coasts of the Mediterranean, you will wind through the scenery retracing the adventures of the famous pirates ...

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Museum of Civilizations and Religions

“Today I have built a synagogue, a mosque and a cathedral, to pray there in the name of love for all beings, so that ancestral injustice disappears, and brotherhood that tends to disappear”. These few words engraved on the facade of the Museum are those of "Ali Fouzi Gahbiche," famous advertising and man of Tunisian culture...

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Palace 1001 nights

The palace built in the Medina Méditerranea is a representation of what was, from the eighteenth century, the castle in the Arabic imaginary and especially Western. The palace is often perceived as a magical, intriguing and mysterious place; A residence both private and public out of sight and inaccessible to the crowd ...

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Cinema show
Odyssée 3000 years

The story of Tunisia through 3000 years of history told through a documentary melting into a legend and in a magical scenic décor show in 21mn in 6 different languages...

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