The Monuments

At the heart of the medina you will find a city centre full of life and entertainment with its traditional souks and cafes, the Rhaba. The surrounding buildings are inspired by Italian, Tunisian, Moroccan or oriental architecture.

The Medina is full of reproductions of symbolic monuments related to the different eras and civilizations of Arab history. The Skia al kahla gate for example is representative of Fatimid architecture. The Red Dome is as a jewel of Arabic architecture in Sicily and the Golden Tower, recently transformed into a marine museum is one of the most beautiful testimonies of the Muslim civilization of Seville. You may also admire the Blue Tower, a tribute to the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech.

Further away stand the ancient walls of the city of Mahdia dating from the 10th century, as well as the ruins of the ramparts of the city of Sfax. Theses incredible memorial sites are will allow you to dive into Tunisia’s legends and history and legends.

Blue tower

The blue tower is a tribute to Yves Saint-Laurent, a nod to the famous Majorelle garden, which can be admired in Marrakech. Created in the early 1920s by French artist and decorator Jacques Majorelle, he designed a marvelous garden and built a villa in Moorish style and art deco, inspired by the modern architecture of Le Corbusier.

In 1937, the artist created the "Majorelle blue", a cobalt ultramarine blue which he painted the walls of his villa, then all those of his garden, to make a living picture that he opened to the public. In order to save him from the disappearance, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berger bought and occupied it in 1980. 30 years later, the villa is transformed into a museum. In the Medina Méditerranea, the blue tower is also a restaurant-show, on the theme of the thousand and one nights and Shéhérazade. Oriental and folk dances, accompanied by traditional music and all the flavors of oriental cuisine, are offered in an original setting.